Vibration – 4th of July 2014 in 21:00

June 4th, 2014 // Performances 2014


Scientific and artistic symphony in four acts

The matrix: Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Purgatory, with elements of Euclid: Elements; Ranko Marinković: The Angel; Berislav Nušić: It had to be; Antun Gustav Matoš: poetry

Production: Rubikon Theatre, Arts Theatre – TOFA. Istrian National Theatre – Civic Theatre in Pula

Author, director dramaturgy, choreography, lighting design:          Zvonimir Peranic
Video and design:                                                                            Ivan Dobran
Assistants video and set design:                               Iva Milaković and Daniel Horvat
Artist, author of movement:                                                             Frane Meden
Costume:                                                                                           Kristina Nefat
Music:                                                                                               Ivan Šarar
Sound effects:                                                                                  Tomislav Nakić-Alfirević
Hairstyles and makeup:                                                         Ksenija Nakic-Alfirević
The design of promotional materials:                                               Vesna Rozman
Organizer and stage manager                                                                       Manuel Kaučić
Stage manager:                                                                                 Goran Šaponja
Head of lights:                                                                                  Dario Družeta
Head of tons:                                                                                    Miodrag Flego
Head of tailor shop and stage:                                                          Desanka Jankovic

The Vibration is composed of four acts (Euclid, Einstein, Fractals, Quantum) and an epilogue (Strings). Each part has its own basical geometry, each geometry is a demonstration of some physics, and each physics generates its philosophy, the way we see our society, the world we live in, with all its parts. Consequently the art. The string theory in recent times indicates that each elementary particle (which the matter consists of) is in fact a different vibration, a different oscillation of the same fundamental string.
The Elements – geometry intended as a science of space, written in 13 books. The geometry has reached a remarkable level at about 300 BC and has become dominant in mathematics.
The Elements has for centuries been considered the most sophisticated mathematical work. The Newtonian mechanics contains this underlying geometry aspect.
With the establishing of new physics, new geometry develops. The Theory of relativity stated the possibility of torsion of the perception space – time.
The theory of deterministic chaos, as a new geometry of nature, is presented by fractals, while quantum physics reveals multidimensionality. Consequently, changing the nature and philosophy of relativity, then the chaotic regimes, for example, equates the anatomy of the body and of the nature, regimes of heart function… until the Schrödinger’s cat introduces some new logic, the existence of parallel universes and realities.

The strict geometric structure deriving from the Elements, is fractal to Aristotelian poetics of theater creating, his organics, which then connect with the philosophy of the quantum physics. Not only the objects are self-similar, but also the realities are self-similar, the events, societies, and the altering the perception creates a superframe.

In this sense (and only in this) the Vibration considers the artworks as possible realities. So authors and their works are selected as a synergistic fusion of potential elements of (parallel) realities. For example, the Tragic scene of Sebastian Serlia, or the reflections of Robert Wilson, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Maurits Cornelis Escher. In the same way Matoš, Marinković and Nušić are integrated. Everything happens with the projections and 3D mapping, in which the light design is performed without a single reflector, completely erased, the blankness with a minimal appearance of a body (with no characterization) in the area that is part of the audience. For example, two-dimensional lines become surfaces, dots transform in bodies, and the walls in a new expanse of reality. This dramaturgical intervention becomes the primary means of “mapping” of other structures. By creating spatial and set design elements, a space of illusion is constructed,  in which the viewer is offered, in a reducted way, a range of perceptual realities. According to the latest physical theories, perhaps the entire universe is a hologram! However, at the very end, when everything ends, the space remains empty. The Euclid’s one, as most of us  perceive it ? Or the quantum emptiness, full of quantum foam, full of creation and annihilation of particles and antiparticles, full of conversion of energy into mass and vice versa? Is the purification from limitations sufficient for the Heaven? Or for the Hell?.. Because everything already known is just a part of different vibrations of the same equal strings…

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