Thelma & Louise – 3rd of July 2014 in 21:00

June 4th, 2014 // Performances 2014

thelma&louise---grupna-plakatIstrian National Theatre

Season 2013/2014
Gala premiere 15th May 2014


Motivated by the original screenplay for a film

Director:                                 Dalibor MATANIC
Design:                                   Deni and Martino ŠESNIĆ
Lighting design:                     Deni ŠESNIĆ
Costumes:                              Morana CEROVEC
Music:                                    Alen and Nenad SINKAUZ
Stage movement:                   Pravdan DEVLAHOVIĆ
Video:                                                Martino ŠESNIĆ, Dalibor MATANIC
Organizer and stage manager            Manuel KAUČIĆ


THELMA                                                                             Helena MINIĆ
LOUISE                                                                               Lana GOJAK
Inspector / waitress / receptionist                                          Senka BULIĆ
DARRYL / HARLAN / J.D. / POLICEMAN                    Rade RADOLOVIĆ

Deeply suppressed, quiet and ubiquitous pain is what our protagonists carry in their souls, and it  is no coincidence that they are women. The inferior and subtle gender experienced a recent major strides towards equality, but in quite a few cases it did bring happiness, or happiness is just an illusion, again directed, that hints that things are finaly not exactly honest …

An important maneuver in the adaptation is the transformation of male inspectors from the original script in the female inspector, and she takes us through the pain of her life story and feeds it with the freedom that the other two women, Thelma and Louise, had felt. Like television programs that feed millions of people comfortably sitting in the armchairs of their living rooms, absorbing images from the small screen to delay in settling their own lives, the inspector is drawn into the lives of the main characters in order to reach at least the ability to feel the same feelings as the two of them. The inspector becomes aware of the postponed and oppressive pain of life through Thelma and Louise, and when they finally face the greatest fears, they become free beings,  even if it means their path to death. In tyranny, bullying, incompetence and naivety of communication with men who they met in their lives, our women are drawn to their own pain and no longer had anything to lose …

Through constant doubt that we live in a predetermined, stereotype matrices, Thelma and Louise, as characters, become a manifest of how freedom can be achieved with the facing of their own fears and how the dull pain, deep in their bosom, turns in catarsis. In modern civilization where everything is hitched to human beings constant evolution and fed with a sense of fear, one waitress and one housewife show us how to live, however, show that a sense of real freedom is not impossible as long as we are taught not to raise our heads … Thelma and Louise remind us and encourage us to feel that one minute of freedom is more valuable than a hundred years of life mixed in a scared mass..

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