The innkeeper – 29th of June 2014 in 21:00

June 3rd, 2014 // Performances 2014

mirandolina-193THE INNKEEPER

by Carlo GOLDONI

Translation and adaptation fro the chakavian:  Daniel Načinović
Directed by  Jasminko BALENOVIĆ

Set design: Miljenko SEKULIĆ
Costume designer: Catherine RADOŠEVIĆ GALIĆ
Music: Livio MOROSIN
Choreographer: Sergio Cavallari
Light Designer: Dario DRUŽETA
Stage Manager: Manuel Kaučič

Actors:   Lana GOJAK, Robert UGRINA, Teodor TIANI, Denis BRIŽIĆ, Romina VITASOVIĆ, Elena ORLIĆLuka JURIČIĆ, Franjo TONČINIĆ
La Locandiera, comedy by Carlo Goldoni (Venice, 1707 – Paris, 1793) is one of the classic works of the world theater heritage. The famous actors (Eleonora Duse, Konstantin Stanislavsky) and famous directors (Luchino Visconti) put to the test their skills in interpreting Goldoni’s, according to many estimates, best known masterpiece. Lively characters, in their own way, shape the story of love, longing and jealousy, ambition, illusions …
The original is located in Florence, but with a jump in time, it takes place in the belle epoque in Pula! The time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is the newage period of meteoric rise of this city, the main naval base of the Empire. There, in the inn / B & B “The three soldats” somewhere between the Amphitheater and Marine-Casino, and with the WW1 approaching – a group of interesting persons met… Everyone here is in love with the innkeeper Mirandolina, everyone except Felix Srecko Kosovits, a mysognist, who will eventually succumb to the irresistible charm of a cunning female plan. Businessmen, stockbrokers and perhaps future magnates – Albin Ladruncovitch and Bartholomew Count Škampavija – will accept the decision of the destiny whose lucky finger touches the waiter Mikula. He is the right choice! Mirandolina wants so. A special spice to this story is given by the comediants Hydrangea and Dejanira – who also have their own “projects ” in that climax of urbanity.

Yet the thoughts of a Gigantic round, a type of Ferris wheel as that in Vienna in the Šijana wood, or the railway branch from Vodnjan to Fažana and a steel bridge to the Great Brijuni … are part of the story upgraded to the Maestro’s, plots and solutions, along with other modifications that were necessary for the comedy ambiented in Pula.

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