Foreword by the Istrian County Prefect

June 24th, 2014 // Nekategorizirano

Valter Flego

Valter Flego

The International Festival of Chamber Theatre “Golden Lion” is one of those events to which the Istria County gives exceptional attention because of its importance in the contribution to the promotion and reputation of our region, especially because the festival contributes to the affirmation of young authors promoting new theater troupes. Additionally, its role is very important as part of a tourist offer, because during the summer, it becomes a must destination for lovers of the theater arts.

In over fifteen years, the Festival has become a symbol of quality, recognized not only in Umag, but also in the whole region of Istria; each time it attracts more and more people from the public and cultural world as well as the mass media. The Festival gives additional importance due to its policy of coexistence of three people present in this region – Croats, Slovenes and Italians – on the basis of which it was created, and which forms a specific theater multiculturalism. And as Istria itself, this event is the intersection of culture equality, the culture connected by its diversity.

Although the theater and culture in general, is nowadays faced with many obstacles and challenges, the “Golden Lion’s” motivation and will is not lacking, as evidenced by the following impressive numbers: it has hosted 150 theaters from 20 countries, 500 productions and has assigned 75 awards to prestigious theater artists. For this year’s edition, new events have been prepared, such as an extension of performing to Novigrad and Buje, as well as programs for the youngest theater lovers, the children.

There is no doubt that the “Golden Lion” will grow even more in the yearsahead, for the delight of all of us. The Istria County are very proud of this event, and we will, as usual, support you at all levels. With the belief that you will, as many times earlier, find the strength to keep a high level of organization, programming and execution of the performances, the organizers congratulate the eve of the 15th jubilee of the International Festival of Chamber Theatre “Golden Lion”. We wish good fun to the audience, and lot of luck to the theater troupes.

The County Prefect
MSc Valter Flego

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