The Princess and the Pea – 30th of June 2014 in 18:00

June 12th, 2014 // Performances 2014

416837_303003933100631_449778035_nDirected and adaptedby: Katja Restovic
Music: Zoran Trubic
Costume & holdings: Kristina Nefat
Tone: Aleksandar Poropat
Lights: Ivan Pisak
Production: The Open University 2013
Photos: Marino Matosevic, Todd Vekić, Vesna Finderle
Songs sung by: Max Hozić and Stefania Hasim
Dancers: Dance Studio, Mot 08
Starring: Luka Bosanac, Anamaria Tubaković, Azeglio Picco, Alenka Korelić Lucic, Jakša Grgic, Sven Djula Tomac, IvanTripar, Nenad Sinčić, Marko Korvelic, Patrick Darrer, Daliborka Škofić, Franco Kleinert, Kristina Hristova, Asja Prašljević, Nensi Brčić

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to find his princess and fall in love. He didn’t know which was the right one, so he went on a journey over his kingdom in order to find her. His servants prepared his luggage and he left.
He looked all over the kingdom, met many countesses and princesses, but he didn’t like none of them. So he returned home sad and lonely.
One night, during a big storm, someone knocked at the door of the castle. The servants opened the door and saw a girl, wet through, who said she was a princess. They let her in, and lodged in the castle.The prince’s mother, having heard that she was a princess, decided to test her in order to check her royal origins. Under a thick layer of bedding, with the help of the servants, she set a little pea, thinking that a real princess should feel it. The next morning, the queen asked the princess how had she slept, and the princess complained that she had not slept at all because it was uncomfortable and thereby confirmed to the king and the queen that she was a real princess.
The wedding lasted seven days and the prince and princess lived happily ever after.
The end .

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