Marlene Dietrich

May 13th, 2013 // Performances 2013

Marlene DietrichNebojša Pop-Tasić: MARLENE DIETRICH
Koprodukcija Prešernovega gledališča Kranj z gledališčem ŠKUC in zavodom IMAGINARNI

Director: Primož Ekart
Dramaturgy: Simona Hamer
Scenographer: Ana Rahela Klopčič
Costume designer: Alan Hranitelj
Language consultant: Maja Cerar
Songs translated by: Ksenija Vidic
Piano player: Davor Herceg/Joži Šalej
Light designer: Drago Cerkovnik
Mask designer: Matej Pajntar


Marlene Dietrich: Darja Reichman and Vesna Pernarčič
Bernard: Miha Rodman

Premiereon the 1st December 2012

Performance on exiting life of the great artist, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of her death.

Actress and singer, passionate opponent to Hitler and Nazism – those are only the most vivid roles Marlene Dietrich played in her life. Play written by Nebojša Pop-Tasić shows moments in her wardrobe before her last appearance. We are faced with her memories, path of her life, her fight against Nazism and dramatic dilemma between love for her country and dedication to freedom.

The play is trying to bring some light on the mystery that always surrounded Marlene Dietrich, her great dualities of opposing passions: theatre and film, privacy and glory, homeland and belief, men and women, life and death. It is also an opportunity to relive the momemnts of her live appearances, and through our own experience understand the magic of her charm.

Performance was produced by Prešeren Theatre Kranj, ŠKUC Theatre and the Imaginarni Institute. It was directed by Primož Ekart, actor and director who astounded theatre audience and festivals’ juries with chamber performance based on Simona Semenič play:a story of a delicious body or the fest or how roman abramovich, character Janša, a twenty-four year-old Julia Kristeva, simona Semenič and the initials z.i. found themselves in a puff of tobacco smoke.

Marlene DietrichMarlene DietrichMarlene Dietrich

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