Maids – Parellel exposure – 30th of June 2014 in 21:00

June 3rd, 2014 // Performances 2014

20140226_Sluskinje0222Arts organization ALBALUNNA

Translation: Vjenceslav Kapural

CLAIRE:                       Andrea Mladinić / Nikša Arčanin

SOLANGE:                            Petra Težak / Goran Marković
MADAM:                      Matea Elezović / Stipe Radoja

Directed by :                           Goran Golovko
Costumes :                    Ana Marin
Technical assistance :    Damir Dolina
Production assistant :   Marsela Marić

The play was co-financed by the Municipality of Split and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.


«Jean Genet: The Maids – parallel exposure” is the first theatrical laboratory project of the ALBALUNNA Arts organization, with the aim of creating a permanent platform for working with young actors who have affinity for theater studies.

Conceived as a theatrical laboratory of exploration of gender, sex, class and existential oppression, the play “Jean Genet: THE MAIDS – PARALLEL EXPOSURE”, starts from the author’s idea of giving female roles to men, to give a distort – grotesque – mirror image to the public and paint a clearer picture of the world.

Is the condition of oppression an existential need and necessity of the individual, whether is he an oppressor or the oppressed, or is it influenced by social givens and so that need becomes a necessity because of thousands of years old oppressive social system, that has entered into the collective unconscious and the conditions of neoliberal capitalism have become legalized and collective consciousness? Are gender and sexual oppression in the roots of totalitarism?

And finally: Does power, legitimate or illegal, use our sexual identities to keep us in bondage?

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