Installation of the sculpture “Golden Forest” in the Tourist Board of Umag – author Slavica Marin

June 24th, 2016 // news


Slavica Marin was born in Banja Luka. She has been living and working in Umag since 1986. She graduated in Art History at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia). She has been the owner and manager of the gallery Marin since 1997. Slavica Marin is a member of the HDLU Istria. Through her artistic work she has been long known by art audience in Croatia and abroad. She created a series of paintings, sculptures, objects, installations and performances, and presented them at several solo and group exhibitions. She founds her artistic expression in ecology – from the use of natural materials to the aesthetic completenessof the work, which, among other things, wishes to highlight nature as a starting pointfor purity of the human spirit. She received a number of awards. Slavica Marin participated in several art colonies, festivals and artresidencies.

Slavica Marin
Marino Bembo, 7A
52470 Umag
phone: +385 (0)98 366 248

˝ … The works of Slavica Marin are direct product of her modus vivendi, they are integrated in every part of daily life and complete opposite of l’art pour l’art. When first getting acquainted with this artist’s body of work, we cannot help feeling that just about everything she creates is a direct product of life preoccupations, thoughts, commitments, pleasures, needs, and of everything else she deals with on a daily basis. She converts every action into an artistic act and gives a potential artistic value to each object, and when we encounter this phenomenon it seems to us that it should be like this always and everywhere, hoping “those days” are still to come and wishing for Slavica Marin to be one of pioneers and messengers of an emerging era.

Tina Širec Džodan


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