Coito Ergo Sum – 28th of June 2014 in 21:00

June 3rd, 2014 // Performances 2014

a political porn anthem to transition

by the Marquis de Sade’s (Philosophy in the boudoir)

Producers: Theatre / Rubikon – Rijeka, TOFA – Pula

Partners: INK Civic Theatre Pula; Center for Movement, Split; project Gender crossroads
Music industry – mix master: Studio Triban – Buje

Author of the text: Jelena Tondini
Directed and choreographed by Zvonimir Peranic
Playwrights: Zvonimir Peranic, Jelena Tondini
Music: Vladimir Wölfl, Jelena Tondini, Tonci Horvat-Hus, Petric Natasha Tasha, Christian Ćoza
Set design / Video: John Dobran
Costume designer: Kristina Nefat
Light designer Dalibor Fugošić
Hairstyles and Makeup: Ksenija Nakic Alfirević
A part of the music section: Scandal Bend
Scene manager: Hrvoje Mijočević

DE SAINT – ANGE: Natasha Petric – Tasha (The Bastardz)
EUGENIE: Ana Ljutić
KNIGHT: Christian Ćoza (Mandrili)
DOLMANCE Gregor Klaric (Greg)
DOLMANCE Zoran Josic
DOLMANCE: Roko Katalinić (f.O.F.)


Political porn anthem to transition

”Coito ergo sum” is both a concert performance of drama and theater concert (blend of original Rom music and electronics). A contemporary dance performance in an opera form. Catholic drama and queer performance.

De Sade used pornography as “another” option, as a counter-attack and opposition to the society of that time. In his works he played by placing pornography in different social strata, proving the equality of all kinds of human sexuality. Nowadays pornography does not produce the same kind of shock, but sexuality is still the point where all people are equal, even in the capitalist system. However, this show tries to give an overview of the present transitional society in which Croatia is playing with the key elements of popular culture that the capitalist ideology spread and is devouring everything on its way. A general Croatian and world’s lethargy of the society is the result of many years of sodomizing (by) politics, by the economy and the entertainment industry. Nothing new, nothing shocking and spectacular. It all comes down to superficial entertainment and offers nothing more than a voyeuristic pleasure. The Reality shows, the Parliament Sessions, the News, the financial reports, are some of the programs that currently challenge excitement, but frequent repetition does not leave a deeper sign on the citizen, the viewer, the observer.

“Coito ergo sum” plays with the system of education (which on one hand includes religious education, and on the other excludes a part of health education, the sexuality) that create capitalist monsters who want fame and fortune, who do not care about the adversities of the collective society. The game is played with the eternal polemic about popular music that has had an “educational” function in Croatia, via Thomson to Severina and Rozga. They play with sexual options in Croatia which exist only on paper, but in reality they are just “fear and loathing”. They play with the eternal debate about folk and turbo folk, about censorship and freedom, Croaticism and the union, about prostitution and marriage, politics and the church . ..
The Choir operates as critics, announcer, it is actually a symbol of the people who silently observes and comments lethargically without the urge for change.

”Coito ergo sum” (I fuck so I exist) – the title of the play, is formed on the model of Descartes’s “Cogito ergo sum” (I think so I exist). In a society where thinking can only be made by selected ones, where everything is reduced to taking care about “one’s ass”, this slogan is a symbol of power/possession. Fuck – posses, possess – be.



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