The Harem – 2nd of July 2014 in 21:00

June 3rd, 2014 // Performances 2014

_MG_40732-HAREMThe Harem
a man and his wives, the East and the West

It is a melodrama with comic parts, which interweaves the women’s past and present after the dissolution of the harem of Topkapi Palace in 1909, and four outstanding actress in over 20 roles made ​​an emotionally gripping story about fate, redemption and outstanding feminine force.

The show is made ​​up of several stories connected with threads of fate that knit a life carpet weaving their causes and effects, through culture, through historical periods, the minds and the hearts. The play Harem, therefore, leads you in Los Angeles on the set of a porn musical Arabian Nights 2, following the historical documents and diary entries, it will peek in the harem of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul and try to revive and reconstruct the daily life of the prisoners, especially one, Vlahinjica, a slave girl, abducted from our region.

Istanbul, the Dalmatian hinterland, Los Angeles, London, Belgrade … all these places are linked to women’s communities that are formed under different social circumstances in the story that lasts more than a hundred years. In every corner of the world it is recognizable the same longing, a foreboding for a better life and the pursuit of peace that comes with the fulfillment of destiny’s residual tasks.

Duration of the show : 90 min .

Team of authors:
According to John Leo Lema’s story, written by Ana Tonković Dolencic

Director:                                 Ivan Leo Lemo
Set Designer:                          Vesna Režić
Costume Designer:                 Mirjana Zagorec
Composer:                              Willem Milicevic
Light shaping:                        Vice Rossini
Light shaping:                        Alexander Mondecar

Peter Duganđžić
Nela Kocsiz
Ecija Ojdanić
Barbara Vicković


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