The chimney sweeper – 27th of June 2014 in 21:00

June 3rd, 2014 // Performances 2014

dimnjacar_photo-by-d_gorenakKerekesh Theater

Text.                                       Mirko Kelek

Text adaptation:                     Ljubomir Kerekeš

Director and art director:       Ljubomir Kerekeš

Actor:                                     Ljubomir Kerekeš

Music:                                    Dragutin Novaković-Šarli

Light:                                     Marijan Štrlek


The adventures told in a simple language by a simple man, a language garnished with rich local expressions that establish easily the communication with the audience.

Thus, the protagonist of this monodrama, constantly enticing the audience laughter with specific and sympathetic humor, obtains a direct response, because he explicitly touches some local frustration and persons.

The interesting thing of this monodrama is that the performance varies in lenght, depending on the mood of the audience and the actor’s personal assesment.

Lj  Kerekes: «There is adjustment in the interpretation of the various improvisations because every time, seeing it from the governance structure point of view, carries a cross for the little man. For this little man, that is himself, speaks the chimney sweeper Štijef. Everyone has the equal right to yell or point the finger, regardless if rulling or not, or to be big or small»


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