The forest ends here – 19th of June 2013 in 21:00

May 13th, 2013 // Performances 2013

The forest ends here Nataša Matjašec Rošker
based on Falk Richter’s literary works

Actors: Nataša Matjašec Rošker, Branko Jordan and Davor Herga

Direction and the concept of space:: Nataša Matjašec Rošker in Branko Jordan & Davor Herga
Author of the video Andrej Intihar
Choreographer Edward Clug
Language supervisor Janez Bostič
Costume designer Katja Milosavljević, s.Oliver and NBD group
Lighting design Tomaž Bezjak
Sound design Srečko Matjašič
Stage manager Polonca Rajšp
Assistant Dijana Božič

We thank Oliver SLO d. o. o. and Vesna Kondrič Horvat for their support.

PREMIERE: 16th November 2012

In the play, stories – through a poetic subtlety – grow from life, memories and imagination. Deformations of the family relations are being uncovered, idealistic dreams of love are getting real images, erotic dreaming is changing to nightmare.

Tomorrow will be the end of the world. Tomorrow will be the end of the world and I’m thinking about turtles.

The forest ends hereMaribor Drama’s actress Nataša Matijašec Rošker together with her fellow actors Branko Jordan and Davor Herga prepared a multilayered, fragmented speech basis based on the motifs of the German playwright Falk Richter’s works, in which stories derived from life, memories and imagination intertwine through a poetic subtlety.

The three actors in their interpretation use physical and drama speech experiments, with specific immediacy create an intimate perception of theatre and living space entrapped between the visual, performing, music, art, literature and language partitura, and in their own way discuss the fundamental categories of modern theatre.

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