Mistero Buffo – 16th of June 2013 in 21:00

May 13th, 2013 // Performances 2013

Mistero BuffoDario FO

Translation: Valter ROŠA i Aleksandar BANČIĆ

Playing: Valter ROŠA
Advisor : Aleksandar BANČIĆ

COMIC MYSTERY MISTERO BUFFO is a collection of satirical monologues written by the Italian Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo in 1969.
It is based on Fo’s study of medieval folklore and tradition, the so called giullare, that is buffoon (jesters).
The topics derive mainly from the subversive, alternative, reading of biblical themes.
The buffoons were not insulting religion, God and the Saints, but revealing and ridiculing those who were using religion for their own ends.
What is very interesting is that these buffoons show that the Middle Ages, although considered a dark period in the history of mankind, still had some bright spots, first of all the spirit of the people, oppressed and exploited, but despite this quite free .
The text has been translated into the Istrian dialect cakavica, but modelled after the original and it represents a “remix” and contains elements of various Istrian dialects.

Travesties: Morality Play of the Blind Man & the Cripple, Cain and Abel, The Miracle of the Wedding at Cana, The Madman beneath the Cross, Scapin’s grammelot, The First Miracle of the Infant Jesus, Boniface VIII, Zanni’s Hunger, The Resurrection of Lazarus, The birth of the buffoon, Mary under the cross, English lawyer’s Grammelot.

Mistero BuffoMistero BuffoMistero Buffo

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